[Original] Push 30+ new MCU products as soon as you shoot! National Technology MCU officially announced!

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[Original] Push 30+ new MCU products as soon as you shoot! National Technology MCU officially announced!

Author: Zhang Guobin

Security, high integration, low power consumption, covering the eleven major scenes, the national technology is extraordinary!

December 20th-At the 11th MCU Technology Innovation and Application Conference of Shenzhen International Electronics Show today, Zhong Xinli, executive director of National Technology Co., Ltd. announced the national technology MCU product strategy and 30+ new MCU products! He summarized these new products into four characteristics: full coverage, low power consumption, high performance, high security and high reliability. And said that in the future, it will be expanded to more than 100 MCUs. Just after entering the MCU field, it launched 30+ new MCU products in one breath. This strength, such speed, shocked the industry!


According to reports, the new MCUs of National Technology are mainly divided into three series of basic type, mid-end type and high-end type, and each series also has extended type.

The N32G020 series uses a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 core, with a maximum operating frequency of up to 80MHz. It integrates a maximum of 256K Flash, 20K SRAM, 1K Retention RAM, and up to 30 GPIOs. It integrates 12-bit 1Msps SAR ADC, 10-bit DAC, analog comparator, RTC real-time clock, multiple complementary output PWM, USB2.0 (Full Speed) Device, multiple SPI, UART, I2C, ISO7816 and other application peripheral communication interfaces, integrated two 3.3V LDO outputs, the chip also built a variety of international Standard encryption algorithm hardware acceleration engine, providing excellent performance DES / 3DES, AES, SHA, RSA, ECC international algorithms, with a variety of power consumption operating modes, of which Power Down (Typ) is 0.1uA.

N32G452 series (general basic type) uses 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 core, supports floating-point arithmetic and DSP instructions, up to 512KB on-chip FLASH, 144KB SRAM, up to 18 digital communication interfaces and 4 analog interfaces, more than 10 built-in The cryptographic algorithm hardware acceleration engine supports a variety of security features such as storage encryption, user partition protection, and secure boot. It can be widely used in consumer and industrial applications.

N32G455 series (general enhanced) uses 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 core, supports floating-point operations and DSP instructions, up to 512KB on-chip FLASH, 144KB SRAM, integrates up to 17 high-performance analog devices, 18 digital communication interfaces, built-in More than 10 kinds of cryptographic algorithm hardware acceleration engines, supporting storage security, user partition protection, secure startup, and other security features, can be widely used in white goods, handheld gimbals, unmanned aerial vehicles, robots, digital power supplies, UPS, servo controllers And other application areas.

N32G457 series (industrial interconnection type) adopts 32 bit ARM Cortex-M4 core, integrates up to 512KB on-chip FLASH, 144KB SRAM, up to 17 high-performance analog devices, 18 digital communication interfaces, and integrated 10 / 100M Ethernet interface. Digital camera interface, built-in more than 10 kinds of cryptographic algorithm hardware acceleration engines, support for storage security, user partition protection, secure boot and other security features, can be widely used in network printers, 3D printers, access control attendance systems, LED outdoor display, industrial Small gateway, DTU, PLC, charging pile and other consumer and industrial interconnection applications.

N32G4FR series (fingerprint-specific) uses 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 core, built-in cryptographic algorithm hardware acceleration engine, integrated large-capacity encrypted Flash memory, supports secure storage of fingerprint information, supports mainstream semiconductor fingerprint and optical fingerprint sensors in the market, and integrates multiple Up to 18 digital communication interfaces and 4 analog interfaces can be widely used in semiconductor fingerprint modules, optical fingerprint modules, fingerprint door locks, fingerprint padlocks, fingerprint access control attendance systems and other fields.

N32WB452 series (wireless interconnection type) adopts 32 bit ARM Cortex-M4 core, built-in Bluetooth BLE5.0 radio frequency, TX / RX power consumption 3.5mA, integrated 512KB FLASH, 144KB SRAM on-chip, multiple digital communication interfaces and analog interface resources , Built-in more than 10 kinds of cryptographic algorithm hardware acceleration engines, support storage security, user partition protection, secure boot and other security features, can be widely used in Bluetooth smart locks, wearable devices, wireless data transmission, electronic tags and other wireless interconnection applications .

As the global smart IoT market has fully exploded, the demand for MCUs, an important device intelligent at the node side, has continued to rise. According to IC Insights' forecast, as the IoT continues to be hot, MCU shipments will continue to rise. Within five years Global MCU sales will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.2% and will exceed $ 20 billion by 2020. The domestic MCU's compound annual growth rate will reach 11.7% in the future, and the market will exceed 50 billion yuan by 2020!


However, the latest IC Insights survey report shows that due to the slowdown in the growth of the electronic technology market caused by the US-China trade war, MCU sales fell 13% annually in the first half of this year, while MCU unit shipments fell 14%. By the middle of 2019, the MCU market is becoming stable. IC Insights ’global MCU market size will shrink to US $ 16.5 billion this year, which is lower than US $ 17.6 billion in 2018. However, IC Insights predicts that the global MCU market will rebound next year.

The global MCU is sluggish, but the Chinese MCU market is very good. Due to the increasing demand for domestic replacement of MCUs in the white goods, consumer electronics, and industrial electronics sectors, the sales of local MCU manufacturers have generally skyrocketed. MCU sales in 2019 have generally increased by more than 400%! At this time, National Technology entered the MCU market, bringing more choices to this market! Let's take a closer look at some basic details of the five major series of 30+ MCUs from National Technology.

01 Safety Features

At present, the security problem of the Internet of Things is becoming increasingly prominent. Zhong Xinli said that it is no longer enough to achieve security through software alone, so the MCU of National Technology mentioned hardware-level security. It provides

Flash secure storage, support for cryptographic algorithm hardware acceleration engine (SAC), and security comparison with software can improve efficiency by 50 times. In addition, it implements firmware security update. The signature authentication has two globally unique IDs of different lengths. In addition, it can also have security functions such as tamper detection and clock failure detection. It not only has international cryptographic algorithms but also supports national secret algorithms. The application must support the national secret algorithm. This is the future trend, and we have done it. "He pointed out.

Through chip-level security, application security and product security are realized on top of it. It can be said that in the general MCU field, national technology has raised security to a new level. "Our national technology has been working in the security field for many years and has an absolute advantage in the domestic trusted computing market. These expertise can be applied to MCUs."


02 Integrated Features

According to reports, these new MCUs integrate as many peripheral functions as possible. For example, it integrates an industry-leading 12-bit SAR ADC with a sampling frequency of 5Mbps, supports multi-bit configuration, reaches 9M sampling rate at 6 bits, and supports PWM. Timer trigger sampling, DMA data transfer, etc.

It provides gain programmable amplifier, it integrates gain programmable rail-to-rail operational amplifier, 1.8 ~ 3.6V wide voltage, -40 ~ + 105 ° C wide temperature operating range, multiple working modes can be configured, and can be used as independent operational amplifier (External gain setting), or PGA mode (built-in programmable gain 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x).

In addition, it also integrates a high-speed analog comparator, which is a 50ns high-speed comparator. Two comparators can be configured for the window comparator mode with low transmission delay. It has a wide voltage operating range of 1.8 ~ 3.6V and low input offset voltage (+ // -5mV). In addition, the comparator speed can be configured by software to save power consumption. It has a built-in 64-level programmable reference voltage and also supports a 12-bit DAC universal voltage-type DAC output as a reference source. It can be externally output to I / O or internally connected to Timer. External linkage mechanism such as PWM brake.

In addition, it integrates a low-power capacitive touch controller TSC, which can detect and wake up. It also integrates a digital camera interface, supports conventional CMOS sensors OV7670, HV7131R, GC0303, GC0307, GC0309, and supports clock output to external CMOS chips. Save BOM cost Integrated on-chip FIFO, support DMA transfer, no CPU intervention required during image acquisition, support automatic inverted image acquisition.

03Interface and connection characteristics

The series released today have UART interfaces, of which USART can be multiplexed as LIN, ISO7816, IrDA, with a maximum speed of 4.5Mbps, and SPI interface (can be multiplexed as an I2S interface), with a maximum speed of 36Msps 4-wire QSPI interface, the highest speed It can reach 144Mbps. I2C interface, each I2C can be configured as master or slave mode, support dual address response in slave mode, support full-speed USB2.0 device; SDIO interface, support SD card, TF card, MMC card CAN2.0 B protocol bus interface 10M / 100M Ethernet interface, support MII and RMII mode.

In terms of supporting wireless connections, the N32WB452 series integrates a BLE5.0 low-power RF transceiver with a built-in Balum / matching network. The main technical indicators are:

-94dBm receiving sensitivity, programmable transmitter power, maximum + 3dBm;

Rx 3.5mA@3.0V (DC-DC)

Tx 3.6mA@3.0V (DC-DC);

The current is 1uA in Sleep mode and 0.1uA in shutdown-down mode.

04 Low power consumption characteristics

The new MCU achieves a working efficiency of 60 ~ 90uA / MHz. The other indicators are 2 ~ 5uA @STOP, 1 ~ 2uA @ standby, 0.5uA @ PD1.8V ~ 3.6V.

The overall indicator characteristics are summarized as follows:


This is the five series of 30+ models of MCU released by National Technology. Blue is already in mass production. Others will be mass produced soon.


05 Application areas and solutions

Zhong Xinli said that relying on the national technology of high security, low power consumption, high integration, and high reliability MCU new products can help customers achieve product innovation and cost reduction. "Our solution integrates a four-way motor control algorithm, and some toys or robots can save the MCU." He said, for example, "there is also a smart lock. The main control MCU integrates a fingerprint recognition algorithm, a TSC capacitive touch algorithm, and a Bluetooth protocol stack. Relying on our integrated solution, the original three solutions can be solved by one! "


He pointed out that the National Technology New MCU focuses on 11 application areas, namely industrial control, motor control, smart cities, smart meters, smart appliances, smart door locks / access control medical, battery and energy management, biometrics, optical communication, and sensor control. And robots. For these areas, National Technologies provides reference design solutions.

He gave an example of National Technology's 80mm network printer solution, which uses the N32G457 series of interconnected high-performance, high-capacity main control MCUs, and achieves multi-person network printing through embedded USB2.0 and 100Mbps Ethernet interfaces. Widely used in online printing application scenarios of catering bills, logistics labels, retail stores and other industries.


And National Technology provides a wide range of 32-bit high-performance MCUs for motor control application solutions, including basic DC brushless (BLDC), advanced sensorless directional control (FOC) and complete sensored solutions for positioning applications. Supports brushed DC motors, stepper motors, BLDC, permanent magnet synchronous motors, AC induction motors, and switched reluctance motors. And provide a complete algorithm-driven library and debugging tool support.

The advantages of the scheme are as follows:

Up to 4 independent 12 analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) with 5Msps sampling rate High integration: integrated op amps, comparators, and 12-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs) Motor control pulse width modulation, minimum pulse width 6.9ns Tightly coupled memory for fast memory access and scheduling.


In the dual-motor solution, the advanced positionless sensor FOC control strategy is adopted to implement the FOC speed regulation function of the compressor, fan torque control, electronic expansion valve control, NTC detection, serial port monitoring and various safety on one N32G455 chip. Safeguard. Suitable for multi-motor application scenarios such as household refrigerators, household air conditioners, commercial air conditioners, and automotive air conditioners.


Zhong Xinli emphasized that all solutions of National Technology are open source! The code scheme is public! It seems that the new entrants have adopted a very aggressive approach, MCU players, take it!

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