[Original] Huada Semiconductor --- Hardcore Science and Technology Male in Local MCU

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[Original] Huada Semiconductor --- Hardcore Science and Technology Male in Local MCU

Author: Zhang Guobin

The Shenzhen International Electronics Fair, which opened on December 19th, is in line with the current industrial situation. Foreign semiconductors are thriving. Domestic semiconductors are thriving, especially in the embedded field, which are basically led by local companies.-Huada Semiconductor, Chipsea Technology, Yuanwei, Smart Microelectronics, Hangshun Electronics, National Technology, and Xinwangwei. . . They form a beautiful landscape of the local MCU.

In this landscape, the temperament of various manufacturers is also different. For example, Hang Shun Technology is just like his helmman, General Liu, who dares to fight, and with the style of Huaqiangbei, they make 32-bit MCUs to $ 0.1 Make money. And the core sea technology is the style of founder Lu, steady and steady, and take root in the signal chain MCU. The protagonist we are talking about today is a typical hard-core science and technology man . No matter whether he is engaged in MCU chip or solution development, he just likes to pick the hardest bones.

瞅瞅 This demonstration scheme-industrial conveyor scheme. Other people put a fan in the motor demonstration to see the effect of the fan. This is great for Huada, which directly put together an industrial-grade solution.


There is also the resolver decoding scheme in the middle. I checked the information to understand what it was doing.


Resolver is a high-reliability industrial-grade device used to accurately measure the movement position information of the motor spindle. It is especially suitable for use in harsh environments, such as high-speed rail main drive motors, electric vehicle main drive motors, and automotive electronic power steering System EPS, industrial robots, engineering machinery, elevators, etc. have extremely strict requirements for reliability. And these applications often involve personal and property safety, as shown by their hard core index.

According to Liang Shaofeng, Manager of MCU Marketing Department, Huada Semiconductor, Huada MCU's resolver decoding scheme uses active excitation and MCU-based decoding algorithms to accurately measure the dynamic position information of the motor spindle. Due to the extremely high reliability of the Huada MCU, coupled with the robustness of the solution algorithm, the overall system reliability of the solution is extremely high. This technology is very difficult, and only a few industrial control chip companies such as Japan and the United States can provide internationally, but Huada has already pinned this hard bone. -See if it's hard enough?

Hardcore solutions such as this can be seen everywhere at the Huada Semiconductor booth


01Is there any internet celebrity plan?

Other MCU exhibitors have put their own celebrity schemes in a prominent position, such as fascia guns, toy robots, automotive electronics, Beidou navigation modules, etc. What is the celebrity scheme of Huada? This is it, OBU vehicle-mounted unit --- this year's super-fire ETC system vehicle equipment .

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BGI's celebrity products

Since the General Office of the State Council launched the "Cancel Provincial Toll Stations by the end of 2020" program in May this year, the ETC system has accelerated significantly. At present, ETC equipment circulation has exceeded 190 million units, and expressway toll stations have achieved full ETC coverage.

Huada provided the MCUs needed for the on-board OBU equipment in China's ETC system. "50% of the demand!" Liang Shaofeng revealed, "With this net red equipment, Huada's MCU sales revenue this year has steadily increased to 100 million Steps! "

02 MCU low power hard core indicators

Because many IoT applications use battery-powered systems, MCU power consumption indicators are a huge test. Speaking of the low power consumption indicator Liang Shaofeng, "Many companies claim that their products are ultra-low power MCUs, and even come up with individual indicators to promote them. In fact, there are a lot of tricky ones. For example, what is the specific working state of the function? How long does it take to wake up? If these are not clearly marked and used in an actual system, it will not be the case at all. "He explained," The ultra-low-power technical specifications of Huada MCUs are based on the actual customer application. The situation optimized design can really greatly increase the battery life of users' products, significantly reduce the operation and maintenance costs of IoT equipment, and bring economic benefits to customers that far exceed the price of Huada MCU itself! "


He thought the explanation was not clear enough, grabbed a smart water meter on the table and explained it to me on the spot. "The real test for ultra-low power consumption is this water meter application. Fully sealed enclosure, battery can not be replaced, continuous working for more than 6 years, any minute water flow information during 7 * 24 hours must be recorded. Whose MCU can do this It can be regarded as truly ultra-low power consumption! "He proudly stated," The Huada MCU has a 40% share in the water meter market, and we have even dropped several established foreign manufacturers to PK! "


After his explanation, I really have a deeper understanding of ultra-low power consumption. The following are various industrial application solutions of Huada, which all need to work in harsh environments.


03 car electronics can not be less

At present, local manufacturers claim to enter the automotive electronics field. In the automotive MCU field, there are a bunch of foreign established manufacturers such as NXP, ST, Infineon, etc. The challenge to enter this field is very big. To this hard bone, the science and technology man Huada Semiconductor rushed up his sleeves.

"Our automotive electronics solutions have already been tested by manufacturers, and we should now be conducting actual tests of engineering trial-installed vehicles in the snow and ice in the Northeast." He proudly stated, "Our solutions also mainly replace foreign manufacturers' solutions and are applied to the bodywork. In the control field, it can help automakers to share the mature and stable and certified basic electromechanical control modules among different platforms such as fuel vehicles, electric vehicles, and autonomous vehicles. At the same time, it can give higher-level intelligent control and vehicle information systems a larger Design flexibility to significantly accelerate time to market for new models. "


According to reports, this solution is based on BGI's HC32F460, which realizes software platformization, equipment self-diagnosis and automatic code generation. And the corresponding model of the chip used in the car regulations is also in the certification test, and will be available soon.

At present, a local auto brand has actually tested the solution on the engineering test vehicle, and there are also demonstrations at the scene, attracting a bunch of hard-core glasses science and technology men to watch. The degree of excitement is unspeakable, and it really is a gathering of things.


Of course, Huada also has consumer electronics solutions. It seems that the price-performance ratio of Huada MCU is unequivocal.


Liang Shaofeng said that the temperament of Huada MCU is hard core technology and hard core products. The main targets are hard-core areas such as ultra-low-power IoT, white goods, industrial control, automotive electronics, etc., which have very strict technical specifications for chip technology and solution design. This is also the difference between Huada MCUs. Characterization.

See if this speaker is a typical science man.


Lao Zhang also praised the hardcore science and technology man in the MCU-Huada Semiconductor!


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