[Original] Incubate 100+ MCU original factory? !! Why is this local MCU so domineering?

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[Original] Incubate 100+ MCU original factory? !! Why is this local MCU so domineering?

Author: Zhang Guobin

At the just-concluded ELEXCON 2019 Shenzhen International Electronics Show, many local MCU manufacturers competed to make a beautiful scene in the embedded field. Huada Semiconductor, Chipsea Technology, Saiyuan Micro, Smart Microelectronics, Hangshun Chip, National Technology, Core Wangwei, Sai Tengwei. . . Fantastic and competitive, we have talked about the national technology of new entrants before-see " Pushing 30+ MCU new products as soon as possible!" National Technology MCU officially announced! ", Talked about the hardcore science and technology man Huada Semiconductor-see" Huatai Semiconductor-the hardcore technology man in the local MCU ", today we talk about an MCU manufacturer that combines the temperament of Zhang Jiang and Huaqiangbei- -Shenzhen Hangshun Chip Technology R & D Co., Ltd.

As soon as he came to Hang Shun's booth, he was surprised by his domineering slogn! Hangshun will incubate 100+ special-purpose MCU original factories? what's going on? Doesn't Hang Shun have its own MCU? Is it design service or ODM?


"We have excellent MCU products in Hangshun, and they have very high reliability. They have been cited in various commercial aircraft in batches. In addition, the ultra-low power consumption is also very good. We want to turn it into an MCU platform. MCU product output! ”Hang Shun ’s founder and CEO Liu Jiping emphasized in an interview,“ Hang Shun has recently received a huge investment led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In addition, Hang Shun has also received the endorsement of China Aviation Industry Corporation. The MCU manufacturers decided to invest in us. "There is a huge advertisement for this investment on the official website of Hangshun (www.hsxp-hk.com).


According to him, Shenzhen Hangshun Chip Technology R & D Co., Ltd. was established at the end of 2013. It has an excellent MCU design team, and its core management staff come from well-known companies such as American microchip, Renesas, and United Nations University. The central processing unit MCU / The DSP / CPU R & D core members are composed of the original staff of the original Fujitsu design department. At present, the company has mass-produced more than 200 products in the eleven series of ARM core 32-bit microprocessors.

It is reported that Hang Shun's chip has ultra-reliable ultra-low power consumption and excellent frequency and resource performance. For example, the following M3 MCU outperforms most international and domestic M3 M4 similar products in the same application software.


This chip is used for its high reliability and is used in large quantities in Zhuhai AVIC Tongfei amphibious commercial aircraft, fire extinguishing commercial aircraft, and water rescue aircraft. He said that this is also the only company that attracts China Aviation Industry Corporation to invest in private chip companies. One of the important reasons.

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"Other manufacturers are using the M4 core to replace the M3 market downwards, the M3 core to replace the M0 market, and Hang Shun to use the M3 core to replace the M4 market upwards, exceeding the M4 core indicators in all directions, especially the efficiency. Hang Shun will be in 2020 At the annual conference in the beginning of the year, new products were released, and live demonstrations could run points, which can lift all peers M3 and M4 similar products! "He proudly said," This demonstration is still under the premise of perfect reliability and dynamic power consumption! We use M0 downwards instead 8-bit 16-bit MCU, with perfect reliability, higher frequency and lower power consumption, the key is lower price than mid-to-high-end 8-bit 16-bit MCU! Directly price to 0.1 USD! We can still make money Because our supply chain and design are good! "


The price of $ 0.1 is really shocking. After I sent WeChat the day before, it shocked the industry. Many people said they couldn't believe it. Liu Jiping said that Hang Shun adopts a two-pronged side strategy. In addition to high-end applications, there are a large number of ultra-low-power applications in water and gas meters. "General Manager Zhang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said: 'We visited most of the domestic MCU companies, and finally decided to invest in Hangshun MCUs. We only voted for our research and found that the domestic research and development strength is the first!' To a variety of commercial aircraft and high-end industrial control and white goods applications, such a hard-core team is unheard of in the industry! Hang Shun is not only able to make low-priced goods, low-priced goods are more relevant to consumer electronics, with Hang Shun's strong R & D strength and high Reliability inclusive consumer electronics, high reliability and ultra-high technology research and development strength can only be endorsed by the two Chinese prefixes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, this bragging cannot be blown out, we just want to break the question before choosing such a strategic partner! "He emphasized .

According to him, Hang Shun ’s general-purpose MCU family based on the ARM Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M3 cores-ultra-stable performance, ultra-low power consumption, and excellent compatibility (software, hardware and development tools are fully compatible with friendly vendors). The EEPROM family has been put into mass use in commercial aircraft, automotive electronics, high-end industries, smart appliances, consumer electronics, smart cities, smart homes, smart agriculture, etc. Its ultra-low-power processor has also passed and obtained Alibaba Cloud loT technology certification. It is also the first company in China to pass the AEC-Q100 vehicle regulation test.

I noticed that the on-site Hangshun exhibited the OBD automotive diagnostic system.


Liu Jiping stated that Hang Shun's goal is to strive to build China's autonomous and controllable MCU / SOC unicorn in the shortest possible time.

01Voice recognition solution has been adopted by white goods manufacturers

In the next three years, almost 100% of white goods in China will be equipped with voice recognition. While other manufacturers are still looking for solutions, Hangshun's solution has entered the major white goods manufacturers. I also saw several voice recognition solutions on the scene. This is a plan demonstration of a range hood.


There was also a Huawei remote at the scene. It seems that Hang Shun has entered the Huawei system.


Liu Jiping said that Hang Shun's current main products are MCUs and EEPROMs, of which MCU products are expected to exceed 100 million this year, and EEPROM will also exceed 50 million! "It was thought that Nor flash would gradually replace EEPROM, but now some 8-bit MCU application areas require 1 million erasing and writing, and our EEPROM is perfect, so the demand for EEPROM is skyrocketing."

02The fusion of Zhangjiang and Huaqiangbei

Many people think that Liu Jiping started from Huaqiangbei. In fact, before that, he had worked in Zhangjiang for 9 years in IC design and solution development and agency business. "The Hang Shun team introduced Liu to the United States in Shanghai Xuhui District from 2001 to 2005. Mirochip and Taiwan ’s HOLTEK are engaged in SALES and FAE work. In 2005-2010, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech pioneered power chip development in Shanghai. In 2010-2015, we moved to Shenzhen to research and develop memory EEPROMs. From 2015 to 2015, we transformed and developed 32-bit MCU / SOC. My strategic layout It is to be China ’s TI, but it is not like TI ’s borderless ecological enterprise! ”The first strategic incubation of our three major strategies for the 100+ MCU original factory has delivered 23 customizations, and nearly 100 are being negotiated. The Jiangxi old watch, which combines the characteristics of Zhangjiang and Huaqiangbei, said confidently.


Jiangxi is located in central China. Since ancient times, the culture of imperial examinations has been respected. One of the two most famous thousand-year-old academies in Chinese history, Bailudong Academy , is in Jiangxi, and there are three in Jiangxi in the Tang and Song dynasties. The ancient Jiangxi economy was one of the most developed places in China. Many places are rich in farming and mulberry. This kind of "hometown of fish and rice" is worry-free.

Life has made Jiangxi people not have a strong sense of autonomy in doing business, and it has also created a modest mentality in which Jiangxi people are diligent and pragmatic, lack impact, and are indisputable in the world.

However, from the old Jiangxi watch of Liu Jiping, he did integrate the savvy of the Shanghainese and the hard work of the Cantonese. "In 2015, we transformed into an MCU, and invested 200 million yuan in freedom and our own house in four years. After research and development, he is not moved by money. He can buy the cheapest with money, and the money is not enough. However, after years of hard work, he won the strategic investment of the AVIC Group in 2018 and the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the second half of 2019. There is also a joint investment led by the Shenzhen Municipal Government Industry Fund, which is a recognition of our R & D strength and incubation of 100+ MCU original factories to create a strong MCU borderless ecology. "He emphasized," As an MCU platform created by China's top R & D team, Shun Yao wants to incubate the original 100+ MCU factory, a company with 20 years of semiconductor experience, knowing technology, market, ecology, product definition, finance and strategy, and will never be dissatisfied with a clear and amazing 80s! "


The Hangshun team quietly told me that after being rated as "2018 Shenzhen Top Ten Technological Innovation Figures Startup Star" in 2018, Mr. Liu was again rated as "Top 10 Shenzhen Young Venture Models in the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China" in 2019. !!

Come on, guy Liu Jiping after 80! Promote the MCU!

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