Video collaboration anytime, anywhere, NUC empowers never fall behind

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Video collaboration anytime, anywhere, NUC empowers never fall behind

Does your video conference often go offline and delay voice? At the same time, the number of participants is very limited? Deploying professional solutions but facing high barriers and high costs? If many people attend the meeting, the network will be congested or even partially paralyzed ... These embarrassing scenarios occur frequently. Although the demand for telecommuting and video conferencing applications is increasing, many existing platforms are inadequate for team collaboration or group conference applications.

aa S、亦或者是Skype等国际应用出现了上述问题,严重影响用户办公体验。 Recently, as domestic companies have started online office, the surge in the number of online users has led to the above-mentioned problems in many common office communications software, SaaS, or Skype international applications, which seriously affects the user's office experience. Mainly because these applications are mostly cloud-based remote tools, and the terminal devices are mostly mobile phones or tablets, they do not have the powerful multi-channel high-concurrency computing and video compression and coding capabilities of the X86 architecture. Once there are too many users, the system will easily crash. Even the most stable ZOOM application recognized in the industry, the application experience on the mobile phone side is significantly different from the X86 architecture. Therefore, a localization platform based on the X86 architecture is particularly important for highly concurrent video conference data streams.

Intel NUC host is one of the powerful PC platforms under the X86 architecture, which has three major advantages:

第一,性能强劲——基于英特尔酷睿处理器强大的性能,以及针对众多软件平台的优化,拥有强大的硬件解码、视频流畅、支持多联屏等优势,能够在多路并发情况下依然保持视频会议的流畅进行,轻松支持8-10人同屏视频会议。 -First, strong performance-Based on the powerful performance of Intel Core processors and optimization for many software platforms, it has strong hardware decoding, smooth video, and support for multiple screens. It can still maintain the multi-channel concurrency situation. The video conference runs smoothly, easily supporting 8-10 people on the same screen video conference.

第二,体积小、接口丰富,安装简易,可线性扩容,易于和周边视频会议附件组成适合于不同会议规模的方案,并且能够快速搭建,通过外设加软件轻松实现即插即用。 -Second, small size, rich interfaces, easy installation, linear expansion, easy to form a solution suitable for different conference sizes with peripheral video conference accessories, and can be quickly set up, and plug-and-play is easily achieved through peripherals and software.

第三,通用性及复用性高,在作为视频会议中心的同时亦可兼用作NAS设备和办公电脑,可谓一机多用。 -Third, it has high versatility and reusability. It can also be used as a NAS device and office computer at the same time as a video conference center.

Video collaboration anytime, anywhere, NUC empowers never fall behind

Gao Yu, general manager of the China Technology Solutions Division of Intel Marketing Group, said: "The remote collaborative office model is very flexible and efficient, which can help companies effectively improve office efficiency, maintain the timeliness of information transmission, achieve centralized management and save operating costs. We I am very pleased to see that more and more system integrators are now using their own resources and advantages to flexibly and conveniently carry out independent innovation development based on the Intel NUC platform, creating a variety of unique and collaborative remote office scenarios. Solutions, such as online education, telemedicine, etc., so that everyone can get real convenience and benefits from technological advances. "

In recent years, six domestic partners have combined their own advantages of Intel NUC equipment, exerted independent innovation capabilities, and created a variety of innovative solutions. These solutions have the characteristics of simple installation, convenient deployment, strong performance, highly integrated integration, intelligent lens tracking, local storage, flexible customization, and wide range of scenarios. They are used for business collaboration, online education, telemedicine, financial window services, communications, etc. Bringing an efficient and convenient meeting experience in the field, making its meeting room resources efficiently configured through an intelligent management system, employees no longer worry about the "one room is difficult to find" in the meeting room; easily for small, medium and large meeting rooms and multi-purpose halls and The auditorium simply deploys the video conference system, no longer worrying about high deployment thresholds; it can also cope with various types of multi-person video conferences smoothly, and no longer compromises for the high concurrent burden of multi-person video conferences. The performance and scalability advantages of Intel NUC equipment and different innovative office concepts have solved various problems for enterprises and institutions.

Cloud are cloud video collaboration solution

Aiming at a series of problems such as company meeting room layout, waiting for team concentration and time consuming, and tedious local data sharing, Cloud is launching a cloud video conference solution based on Intel NUC mini host, Logitech audio and video equipment and ZOOM platform, which can cover small, medium and large Meeting rooms, auditoriums, multimedia halls and other environments, solutions are readily available for easy deployment. In addition, the device's software is versatile and compatible with common office communications software. Through the screen transfer device, cloud-specific meeting content sharing, smooth game streaming without delay, and remote real-time sharing of medical images can be implemented.

Video collaboration anytime, anywhere, NUC empowers never fall behind

Jaw Amoy NUC Mini Host Top Cover Integration Solution

Jaw Amoy Technology ’s Jaw Amoy NUC mini host top cover integration solution deeply localizes and adapts Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms to meet all domestic customers ’custom requirements for video conferencing, and can be easily deployed. According to different scene spaces, the top cover of the NUC mini host can be replaced for customized performance expansion, and more devices can be connected to achieve the best conference experience, including features such as no blind spots in conference pictures and clearer microphone reception.

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Video collaboration anytime, anywhere, NUC empowers never fall behind

Juphoon Private Cloud and Juphoon Cloud Video Conference System

Juphoon Private Cloud and Juphoon Cloud video conferencing systems are based on domestic software and hardware to meet domestic policy requirements. Therefore, they are mostly used in special industries and have mature deployment and application experience in the financial and communications industries. The system not only supports mobile APP access to conferences, but also supports NAS private deployment and localized encryption. It has high mobility and security while also storing conference content locally. It is also very suitable for education, foreign trade, medical treatment, Advertising and other industries.

Video collaboration anytime, anywhere, NUC empowers never fall behind

Dongbo integrated multimedia terminal C2

Dongbo integrated multimedia terminal C2 overall solution has a highly integrated integrated body, equipped with a customized high-profile Intel NUC host, ultra-high-definition PTZ camera and VC200 microphone, easy to carry and mobile applications. This set of solution has professional quality and extremely high performance, and it can truly realize the application of small size and large scenes. It has been widely used in different scenarios such as dual teacher classrooms, telemedicine, party building conferences, corporate video conference rooms, and emergency command centers.

Video collaboration anytime, anywhere, NUC empowers never fall behind

Yealink Yealink Full Scene Conference Room

Yealink Yealink's full-scene conference room solution has the advantage of full-scene coverage out of the box. It is suitable for small and micro conference rooms, medium and large conference rooms, and oversized conference rooms. All-scenario application, simple and easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy to manage.

Video collaboration anytime, anywhere, NUC empowers never fall behind

Sino-UC-SPACE corporate conference space full scene solution

Xinhe Times brings to the enterprise a highly intelligent UC-SPACE full-scene solution for corporate meeting spaces. This solution has deployed intelligent application equipment before, during and after the conference: before the conference, through smart terminals Check the occupancy situation and make conference room reservations through a unified reservation entrance. During the meeting, the schedule of the conference room will be presented through the full-scene conference system, which will show the status of the conference room at a glance. The conference room resources can be automatically released after the conference.

Video collaboration anytime, anywhere, NUC empowers never fall behind

A mature solution must be balanced in three dimensions: hardware configuration, software support, and peripheral matching. In the six solutions introduced earlier, it is not difficult to see that the advantages of Intel NUC's small size and super scalability have been fully reflected. If the hardware is the foundation, then the software is the "brain" of the entire solution. With the support of the software, combined with the optimal peripheral hardware for different scenarios, a mature solution can be formed.

Each generation of NUC upgrade will bring us more functions and performance improvements. I believe that with the cooperation of software and hardware, more Intel NUC-based solutions will emerge, making our work more convenient and efficient! It is believed that with the above solutions, Intel NUC, in addition to video conferencing, also has application solutions for scenarios such as telemedicine, education, and remote collaboration, so that more people and institutions can enjoy children. Convenience brought by remote education at home, remote medical support for front-line volunteer workers, remote deployment of emergency headquarters, and corporate remote office.    

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