Strategy Analytics: Q4 2019, Lenovo tablet PC shipments achieve strongest growth

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Strategy Analytics: Q4 2019, Lenovo tablet PC shipments achieve strongest growth

According to the latest research report released by Strategy Analytics, Lenovo ’s tablet PC shipments in Q4 2019 increased by 8% year-on-year to 2.5 million units due to pressure from external political and economic factors on Lenovo ’s main rival Huawei, and its market share increased by 0.9% To 5.2%. The Sino-U.S. Trade war has put pressure on Huawei, and Amazon's successful "Prime Day" promotion in mid-July has pushed demand forward from this holiday season. The use of various methods to attract gold indicates that the tablet computer market is still consolidating-the size of the tablet computer market in 2019 is 7% lower than in 2018.

With the exception of Asia Pacific, Lenovo's business has grown in all regions, and Huawei has crowded out many competitors in the Chinese market. Lenovo maintains a good product portfolio of low-cost Android tablets to complement its high-end Windows detachable 2-in-1 tablet business, but like other manufacturers, its Android business faces equally strong resistance. Trade restrictions on Huawei have had a positive impact on Lenovo's tablet PC business; at the same time, its products are also remarkable. For example, Lenovo equipped the newly launched Smart Tab M10 and P10 with a base, so that the product can also incarnate Used to support Alexa smart screen. The bold and innovative products such as the ThinkPad X1 Fold foldable PC / tablet that will be launched in mid-2020 will also make Lenovo stand out from the competition.

Eric Smith, Director of Research Analytics Connected Computing Terminal Research Services, said: "Huawei's focus has shifted to the Chinese domestic market and sold old inventory in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia (excluding China). This model will continue to intensify until The Sino-U.S. Trade war has eased. Although the first phase of the trade agreement signed in January 2020 has shown positive signs, tariffs and U.S. component / software supply restrictions still exist and are likely to continue into the U.S. Presidential election."

Chirag Upadhyay, senior research analyst at Strategy Analytics, added: "The commercial update of detachable tablets is in a disappointing period due to the fact that Windows mobile computing demand is now favoring high-end thin and light notebooks. What is more troublesome is that large Most Windows detachable 2-in-1 computer makers specialize in providing higher-margin high-end products for corporate users, but the crowded market does not allow all manufacturers to grow, especially in the face of Apple ’s iPad Pro and iPad Air in this price range. (With keyboard) Actively competing for the competitive pressure brought by the market. Despite Apple's new competitiveness, due to the sharp decline in demand for iPad Pro during the Christmas season, Apple's tablet shipments in Q4 2019 still fell by 7%. "

Strategy Analytics: Q4 2019, Lenovo tablet PC shipments achieve strongest growthStrategy Analytics: Q4 2019, Lenovo tablet PC shipments achieve strongest growth

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