T-Mobile CZ and Slovak Telecom have selected Mavenir for their next-generation NFV-based unified IMS

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T-Mobile CZ and Slovak Telecom have selected Mavenir for their next-generation NFV-based unified IMS

Mavenir, an industry-leading end-to-end cloud-native network software provider for communications service providers (CSPs), announced that the company has successfully deployed its cloud-native converged IMS solution for T-Mobile Czech Republic (TMCZ) and Slovak Telecom (ST) Program. This universal and unified solution is designed to significantly reduce the existing footprint and simplify the network, resulting in significant cost savings for both operators.

As Mavenir's existing VoLTE, IMS and converged fixed and mobile TAS customers, T-Mobile CZ has switched its millions of VoLTE users (pre-paid, post-paid, VoWiFi, fixed network) to NFV-based software infrastructure Solution, while continuing to support the same features and functions, and win the title of best mobile network benchmark of 2019. Slovak Telecom has also switched to the same solution, but is replacing the traditional first-generation IMS implementation of vendor-specific hardware with an NFV-based open solution. Slovak Telecom has recently started to migrate its current VoLTE users from traditional IMS, add new VoLTE users, and migrate its fixed network users. The two operating companies plan to use shared data centers and common implementation solutions located in two places in these two countries to improve operational efficiency and reduce network complexity.

T-Mobile CZ and Branimir Maric, CTO of Slovak Telecom, said: "We will continue to transform the leading network for the Czech and Slovak customer base, of which Mavenir's converged IMS voice solution highly meets our needs and provides our future technology And cost reduction strategies. We chose Mavenir because of their ability to quickly resolve and overcome IMS deployment challenges, and their reliable NFV and system integration expertise. "

"Mavenir is helping customers evolve their networks into cloud-native software using industry-standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. We are excited to help our customers achieve maximum efficiency in operating expenses while providing Industry-leading features and services to keep their users happy. "

About Mavenir

Mavenir is the industry's only end-to-end, cloud-native network software provider dedicated to redefining the network economics of communications service providers (CSPs). Our innovative solutions pave the way for 5G with 100% software-based, end-to-end, cloud-native network solutions. Mavenir leverages a series of industry-leading pioneering technologies in the fields of VoLTE , VoWiFi , Advanced Information (RCS) , Multi-ID , vEPC, and vRAN to accelerate network transformation for more than 250 communication service providers in more than 130 countries Customers have provided assistance to serve more than 50% of users worldwide.

We apply breakthrough, innovative technology architecture and business models that help drive service agility, flexibility, and speed. With solutions that drive NFV evolution to achieve network economies of scale, Mavenir provides communications service providers with a range of solutions that help generate revenue , reduce costs, and protect revenue .

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