Pasternack expands its line of custom low-PIM coaxial cable assemblies

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Pasternack expands its line of custom low-PIM coaxial cable assemblies

Both standard and custom length low PIM cables can be shipped the same day

Pasternack, a US-owned brand of Infinite Electronics, an industry-leading supplier of RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave products, has expanded its low-PIM coaxial cable assembly product line, enabling customers to obtain more diverse connector options to better meet DAS , Wireless infrastructure, multi-carrier communication systems, WISP, small cell site equipment and PIM test application requirements.

Pasternack's low-PIM coaxial cable assembly products now cover 160 standard configurations, with a PIM level of less than -160dBc. These high-performance low PIM cable assemblies use flexible lightweight UL910 flame-retardant SPP-250-LLPL RF coaxial cables with an operating temperature range of -55 degrees Celsius to +125 degrees Celsius. 100% RF and PIM test before leaving the factory, and the PIM test results are marked on the cable.

This expansion adds SMA and QMA connector models to this series of products. In addition to standard straight-through SMA and QMA connectors, right-angle connectors are also available.

"We are very excited to further expand the low PIM cable product line. By providing customers with more optional product models, we can better meet the application requirements that require the use of custom low PIM cables. New products also support same-day shipping A test report is attached, "explains product manager Steve Ellis.

Pasternack will continue to add more connector and cable models to its standard low-PIM cable assembly product line. In addition to standard products, Pasternack also offers custom models, all of which are also tested and support same-day shipping.

New Pasternack low-PIM coaxial cable assemblies are available from stock and ready to ship without minimum MOQ requirements. You can visit for details information.

If you have additional questions, please call Pasternack China Customer Service Hotline at 400 928 5100 or 0512 6280 6638.

About Pasternack

Pasternack is a global leader in RF products, established in 1972. As an ISO9001: 2008-certified manufacturer and supplier, Pasternack provides the industry with a wide selection of active and passive RF, microwave, and millimeter wave products, and can ship today. Pasternack is a subsidiary of Infinite Electronics.

About Infinite Electronics

As the world's leading supplier of electronic components, Infineon serves the urgent needs of engineers with a series of well-known and well-known brands. Each brand of Infineon is a professional brand in its own product segment, providing a wealth of engineering-grade products, supplemented by expert-level technical support and same-day delivery services. In order to meet the needs of more than 100,000 customers from various fields, Infineon is faithfully committed to the stocking and storage of products and reliable delivery every day.

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