Huawei invests $ 10 million in Russia to support HMS ecological development

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Huawei invests $ 10 million in Russia to support HMS ecological development

Google's GMS service is already a double-edged sword for global smartphone manufacturers. If they rely too much on GMS, once the supply is cut off, it is a huge risk. To this end, Huawei has determined to develop its own HMS ecosystem. At a recent developer event in Russia, Huawei announced that it had invested 10 million US dollars to support the HMS ecosystem in Russia. Applications from a number of Russian Internet companies have entered Huawei stores.

According to Russian media reports, Huawei Russia company executives stated at the developer conference that Huawei welcomes the Russian developer community to actively participate in Huawei's ecological integration, and Huawei will continue to invest to ensure effective joint development. Russia's leading Internet company is working hard to participate in the HMS ecosystem, and users can already download the required applications in the Huawei App Store. In recent months, Russian developers have joined the system, including companies such as Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Ozon, Wildberries, Kinopoisk, Wink and others.

Russia occupies a very important position in Huawei's development strategy. In 2019 , Huawei increased the R & D budget of the Russian branch by 5 times .

In Android applications, the influence of Russian users cannot be ignored. Russian users rank fifth in the world in terms of downloads, and their contribution accounts for the ninth in the world.

Not long ago, Huawei announced HMS Core 4.0, which is a collection of Huawei terminal cloud service and mobile service open capabilities. It is a platform that provides basic services for application development. It can help developers to develop quickly, grow rapidly, and realize real-time access. 、 Smart distribution of all global scenes and all terminals.

The highlights of HMS Core are:

1. Global distribution: 170+ countries / regions, covering 600 million users

2. Cost savings: free to start, easy to use, from development to listing, one-stop service experience

3. Safe and reliable: follow GAPP, GDPR and local regulations

4. Accurate reach: 400 million monthly users in the application market, multiple push methods based on user behavior, to help accurate marketing

5. Developer Ecology: More than 55,000 apps have used HMS Core services.

Source: Fast Technology

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