Toshiba Introduces Compact, Low Power, High Resolution Microstepping Stepper Motor Driver IC

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Toshiba Introduces Compact, Low Power, High Resolution Microstepping Stepper Motor Driver IC

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has introduced the latest product "TC78H670FTG" of its microstep stepper motor driver integrated circuit (IC) series. This new IC has a maximum rating of 18V / 2.0A [1] and can drive motors with various operating voltages. Mass production starts today.

The new IC can drive 128 microstepper motors from a 2.5V to 16V power supply. Its wide range of applications include USB power, battery power, and standard 9-12V system components. It can also be used with 1.8V interfaces to connect various hosts and microcontrollers.

Toshiba's latest [2] DMOS process ensures that the TC78H670FTG has an excellent quality factor and low on-resistance. This process also helps this IC achieve ultra-low standby current. This IC uses a QFN16 compact package and eliminates the use of current-sense resistors by integrating current-sense components, which helps reduce costs, reduce component size, and save printed circuit board (PCB) wiring space.


  • Compact package (QFN16 3.0mm × 3.0mm)
  • Low on-resistance (Ron = 0.48Ω at VM = 12V)
  • Low and medium voltage range from 2.5V to 16V, and interface voltage range from 1.8V to 5.0V
  • Ultra-low standby current of 0.1mA
  • Run the motor smoothly and quietly and reduce vibration; improve the rotation angle accuracy through micro-step control [3].


Cameras, surveillance cameras, portable printers, handheld scanners, miniature projectors, and smartphones

Main specifications

Product number


Supply voltage (working range)

2.5V to 16V

Output voltage / current (absolute maximum rating)

18V / 2.0A

Output on-resistance (upper + lower)

0.48Ω (typical value), VM = 12V, Ta = 25 ℃

security function

Over-current detection, over-temperature protection, under-voltage lockout, and open-circuit detection



(Size: 3.0mm × 3.0mm)


Current consumption in standby mode: 0.1μA or less

Support 1.8VI / F

Eliminate current sense resistor

Supports up to 1/128 microstep control

[1] The actual drive current of the motor depends on the use environment and factors such as ambient temperature and power supply voltage.
[2] As of February 2020.
[3] Compared to existing products made by Toshiba.

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About Toshiba Electronic Components and Storage Devices Co., Ltd. <br /> Toshiba Electronic Components and Storage Devices Co., Ltd. combines the vitality of the new company with the wisdom of the group's experience. Since becoming an independent company in July 2017, we have been among the leading general equipment companies and have provided customers and business partners with superior discrete semiconductor, system LSI and HDD solutions.

The company's 22,000 employees around the world work together to maximize the value of the company's products. At the same time, it values the close cooperation with customers to promote the co-creation of value and new markets. We look forward to building on our annual sales of more than 800 billion yen (7 billion U.S. dollars) to create a better future for humanity worldwide.
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