Yiding pushes CANopen module to strengthen advanced applications in embedded field

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Yiding pushes CANopen module to strengthen advanced applications in embedded field

February 7-Automation is the key to starting Industry 4.0 and the only way to move towards AIoT. Yiding International, a leading global manufacturer of industrial application storage, today announced the introduction of the CANopen communication protocol, providing a more comprehensive application solution for its CAN bus embedded devices, and bringing strong automation kinetic energy to global technology leaders.

CANOpen module

CANOpen module

Yiding's embedded solution will be more powerful and complete

When importing the Industrial Internet of Things communication network, companies often need to take into account a variety of interface conversions, and also need to evaluate the application environment and distance restrictions; therefore, Yiding launched a series of CAN bus communication solutions, covering CAN bus 2.0B / 2.0A , J1939 (for communication and diagnosis between ship / vehicle components), CANopen, etc. The newly introduced CANopen communication protocol is particularly suitable for multi-axis motion control applications, and Yiding's embedded CAN bus module series will be able to support a variety of high-end applications more widely, extending from the field of automation to robotics, motion control, Intelligent medical, engineering vehicles, marine electronics, public transmission and building automation, etc., and once again highlight the ambition of Yiding to actively deploy the embedded peripheral lineup, continue to develop innovative solutions and further promote the most popular AIoT and industrial IoT (IIoT) front.

CANopen module CAN bus EGPC-B201

CANopen module CAN bus EGPC-B201

CANopen module CAN bus EGPC-B201

CANopen module CAN bus EGPC-B201

CANopen- fast integrated industrial communication protocol

CANopen is a communication protocol for embedded systems developed by the CAN in Automation (CiA) organization. It belongs to the CAN bus communication protocol. CANopen can provide the basis for communication between devices in an embedded system. In addition, in order to respond to different transmission needs, Innodisk also provides a complete CANopen Development Kit (API), which includes real-time data transmission PDO, SDO, NMT to transmit configuration data Message and error control, and other special function communication objects, such as Time Stamp, SYNC and EMCY messages. With a powerful software development kit, Yiding will provide customers with a rapid development foundation and help enterprises greatly simplify the integration process of industrial network protocols.

As the world's leading industrial storage manufacturer, Yiding has long-term layout of software research and development and has continuously improved the supply of software and hardware integration solutions. With the development of the Industrial Internet of Things, the complexity and intelligent requirements of industrial equipment must also be quickly upgraded. Therefore, the seamless integration of hardware and software will become the key to success. The latest CANopen module launched by Yiding will help enterprises save costs such as manpower investment and development man-hours, and face the challenges of Industry 4.0 with customers.

About Yiding International

Established in 2005, Yiding International is a service-oriented provider of flash memory, DRAM modules and embedded peripheral products for industrial and enterprise applications. The products of Yiding International are widely used in various industrial-grade embedded products, such as aerospace, defense, transportation, cloud storage and other industries. With professional software and hardware and firmware teams, we can customize the best solutions for each customer. The company's products and services satisfy customers in many demanding industries, and the company stands out through its commitment to providing superior products and services.

For more information about Yiding International, please visit: http://www.innodisk.com .

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