Intel and Sinclair Holdings jointly create the first fully digital hotel to bring a new generation of smart and connected experiences

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Intel and Sinclair Holdings jointly create the first fully digital hotel to bring a new generation of smart and connected experiences

Recently, Intel announced that it has jointly created the world's first fully digital hotel with The Sinclair, Autograph Collection. Sinclair will use Intel's IoT technology to intelligently upgrade hotel buildings and indoor sensors, IoT gateways, terminal dashboards, and restaurant drainage systems and appliances. Intel and Sinclair will jointly use the location-based analysis technology to provide guests with a new generation of intelligent and connected experiences, while also using the latest products from digital vendors such as Cisco and SAS to jointly improve service quality.

  "Sinclair combines the beauty and historical significance of Fort Worth with innovative future interconnect technologies. Using the latest interconnect technologies from Intel and other partners, we can provide our guests with the perfect Experience. Intel has extensive experience in providing innovative solutions to improve the guest experience, and this hotel is bound to further the innovation process in the hospitality industry. "

——Farukh Aslam, CEO and President, Sinclair Holdings Limited

辛克莱将变革酒店运营模式,以提升其运营效率,同时还将提供数据驱动的业务洞察,使管理人员和服务人员能为每位宾客提供个性化的服务。 Technical analysis: Sinclair will transform the hotel operating model to improve its operational efficiency, while also providing data-driven business insights, enabling managers and service personnel to provide personalized services to each guest.

The technology foundation of this smart hotel includes:

  The Intel IoT Gateway can integrate the data, edge computing capabilities and management capabilities of smart building infrastructure.

  Cisco Meraki's intelligent Wi-Fi cloud network solution and SAS data analysis technology combine to provide location-based analysis and personalized guest messaging services.

  Voltserver Power over Ethernet (PoE) provides its patented "digital power" solution to power Cisco switches.

  Somfy's electric curtains in France use Power over Ethernet for management and control, which guests can easily control through digital terminals.

  Electric Mirror provides Power over Ethernet LED mirrors for guests to read 众彩网, listen to music, view the latest weather information, and contact the Guest Services.

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Guests interact with smart mirrors

Guests interact with smart mirrors

  The lithium battery uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system eliminates the need for hotels to be equipped with diesel emergency generators.

  Intel Unite   无线显示和协作技术为酒店的会议空间提供支持。 ® wireless display and collaboration technologies support hotel meeting spaces.

  The hotel restaurant's SinkTech IoT sink regulates water temperature, soap and hand sanitizer storage volume with a fully-automated connected solution.

  Intel PoE NUC supports many of these IoT technologies (gateways, controllers, data aggregation, edge computing, and Intel Unite   解决方案)。 ® solution).

  In addition to the aforementioned intelligent features, Intel's end-to-end technology also supports hotel reservation systems, point-of-sale, network infrastructure, back-office and guest services such as mobile room cards and wireless charging.

Temperature adjustment via smart touchpad

节温度 Temperature adjustment via smart touchpad

通过这些创新,辛克莱正在重塑酒店行业的未来,它将为宾客和酒店专业人士提供更完善且个性化的由技术驱动的服务体验。 Why it matters: With these innovations, Sinclair is reshaping the future of the hospitality industry, and it will provide guests and hotel professionals with a more complete and personalized technology-driven service experience.

Hotel employees can use their mobile devices to connect to booking and property management software anywhere in the hotel, increasing productivity and customer service. Wireless point-of-sale systems enable guests to buy food and beverages throughout the hotel. Hotel guests can click on the digital screen to set environmental parameters, such as temperature, lighting, and shower preferences, for a personalized experience.

“越来越多的实例表明,物联网技术让建筑变得更智能,并让酒店服务提供商能为宾客和员工打造更丰富、更强大、更为个性化的体验。我们与辛克莱的合作就是一个例证。英特尔技术将帮助辛克莱为酒店员工和宾客带来新一代互联体验。” Joe Jensen, Intel ’s vice president and general manager of retail, banking, medical, and education, said : "More and more examples show that IoT technology is making buildings smarter and enabling hotel service providers Employees create richer, stronger, more personalized experiences. Our partnership with Sinclair is an example. Intel technology will help Sinclair bring a new generation of connected experiences to hotel staff and guests. "

About Intel

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is a leader in the global semiconductor industry, laying the cornerstone of global innovation with computing and communications technology and shaping a data-centric future. We use sophisticated manufacturing expertise to help protect, drive, and connect billions of devices and the infrastructure of a smart, connected world-from the cloud, the network to edge devices and everything in between, and help solve the world's most difficult problems And challenges. 众彩网 For more information, please visit Intel China News Center 众彩网   And official website .

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